Mimořádná přednáška: "Building the Ship of Theseus: Co-developing Open-Source Infrastructure for Reproducible Research"

  • 3. června 2021
  • ZOOM:  https://cesnet.zoom.us/j/91703946375?pwd=WVBnZ3c2ZHJmSnluaHNQSUpQMjhXdz09

CEDRR invites you to a talk by dr. Adéla Sobotková and dr. Vojtěch Kaše from Aarhus University SDAM Project.

The talk will happen through Zoom on the 3rd of June, at 11 AM Brno Time.

Zoom link: https://cesnet.zoom.us/j/91703946375?pwd=WVBnZ3c2ZHJmSnluaHNQSUpQMjhXdz09


While new algorithms are grabbing the headlines, data is the driver behind the AI revolution. Continued digitisation of sources, machine learning and lower-barrier-of-entry digital approaches make it now possible for scholars in the Humanities and Social Sciences to undertake collaborative research with ever-increasing quantities of heterogeneous data. Such datasets, however, require cross-disciplinary expertise that often exceeds that of a single person, requiring collaboration. Maintaining data provenance in the course of a long-term collaborative project is challenging. Achieving full transparency and reproducibility  - the central tenet of science - is difficult and requires a shared data management workflow. This workshop consists of a series of presentations introducing the data management workflow used by the Social Dynamics in the Ancient Mediterranean (SDAM) project at Aarhus University, Denmark. In addition to its empirical goals, the SDAM project attempts to develop a digital collaborative research infrastructure that might be reused by other projects combining humanities data and computational methods. As its main data storage, the project relies on sciencedata.dk, an ownCloud implementation available to researchers worldwide. To facilitate data streaming between Python, R, and sciencedata.dk, the SDAM team has developed its own tools, which might be used also in combination with other owncloud implementations within the CS3MESH initiative, including owncloud.cesnet.cz.


  1. On the challenges of collaborative computational research, the lifecycle of research data and necessary eResearch infrastructure: the case of the SDAM project (10 min, Adéla Sobotková)
  2. sciencedata.dk and SDAM’s collaborative research workflow (20 min, Vojtěch Kaše)
  3. sddk package in practice (15 min, Vojtěch Kaše)
  4. discussion


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