CEDRR talk "RELIC: A Digital Approach to Christianisation and the Everyday People on the Eastern Fringes of the Ottonian-Salian Empire"

  • 22. května 2024
    11:00 – 13:00
  • Filozofická fakulta - B2.12, Arna Nováka 1, Brno

Dr. Mária Vargha is an assistant professor at the Department of History, University of Vienna. Her project RELIC focuses on comparative investigation of the Christianisation processes in East-Central Europe and uses innovative methods applied to a large dataset to facilitate comparative assessment of archaeological and historical evidence.

The paper introduces the methodological foundations and preliminary results of the ERC StG project RELIC (Modelling Religiopolitics. The Imperium Christianum via its Commoners), implemented at the University of Vienna and the Natural History Museum Vienna. The project proposes a complex, comparative analysis and contextualisation of archaeological and historical remains of the rural population living on the eastern fringes of the HRE during the Ottonian and Salian periods (10th -12th c.), exploring the influences of centres and networks of secular and ecclesiastical lords, of the natural environment, and of the economic infrastructure. The present paper primarily focuses on the research project's concept, methodology, and approach and highlights its applicability to other projects and datasets.

Feel free to connect using the following Zoom link: https://cesnet.zoom.us/j/94390161965?pwd=M05PbDQrT2dPRXFxTXVFbWczZ3pPdz09

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