Centre for Digital Research of Religion

The Centre for the Digital Research of Religion (CEDRR) at Masaryk University, Faculty of Arts, Department for the Study of Religions is an interdisciplinary centre applying computational methods in research into religion. It represents a focal point of competence in Computational and Digital Humanities at Masaryk University and hosts the Generative Historiography of Religion Project (GEHIR), the Dissident Networks Project (DISSINET), as well as several other research endeavours. It makes use of various computational approaches ranging from network analysis and quantitative text analysis through geographic information science to agent-based modelling, set in the broader framework of computational social science. Within the Study of Religions Ph.D. curriculum, CEDRR allows students to combine competence in computational techniques with solid domain knowledge in their respective areas of expertise.

CEDRR in a nutshell:

  • research-oriented computational approach to religion;
  • distinctive focus on premodern history;
  • network analysis, quantitative text analysis, geographic information science, agent-based modelling;
  • state-of-the-art research infrastructure;
  • English Ph.D. programme in the Study of Religions.