Graduate in Necromancy - A curriculum inspired card game from CEDRR

Complete a Master’s degree in Necromancy in a new solo card game. Now playable in a web browser.

19 Jun 2024

Tomáš Glomb has designed a captivating single-player card game called Graduate in Necromancy, drawing inspiration from the curriculum of the Study of Religions. In this game, you take on the role of a student striving to earn a Master’s degree in Necromancy within just two semesters. You'll need to complete courses and manage limited resources strategically. If things get tough, you can use your undergraduate knowledge to summon assistance. Though created for fun, the game’s reflection of certain real-world challenges is sometimes scary. Players must balance sanity, work on their thesis, and complete courses to accumulate at least 45 credits. What makes it really enjoyable? The entire experience unfolds in just about 10 minutes. Initially developed as a print-and-play game, Graduate in Necromancy has now been transformed into a digital format by Tomáš Hampejs, making it accessible for play on electronic devices.

Original game, rules Digital version

What is the game like?

To graduate in necromancy, you have to a) collect at least 45 credits from the completed courses, b) finish your thesis, and c) manage your sanity in the process of the academic year consisting of two semesters. Each turn you draw a card from the current semester deck. If it is a course card (which is mostly the case) you decide whether you:

  1. sign into a new necromancy course but you lose some sanity,
  2. tuck the card to raise a study buddy to get a bonus from an already completed course,
  3. discard the card to push forward your thesis a bit,
  4. put the card on the "Maybe later" pile that gets shuffled later into the second-semester deck (up to 4 cards can be added to the "Maybe later" pile).

Digital version vocabulary an the user interface

Sanity: Tracks your sanity. You start the game with 3 sanity points. The minimum of sanity points is -2, maximum 5. At the start of the second semester, 3 sanity points are automatically added to your current state of sanity. To win the game, you cannot have your sanity below 0 at the end of the game.

Thesis: Tracks your thesis completion. To win the game, you have to complete your thesis before the end of the second semester (Thesis tracker needs to be at 5).

Credits: Counts your credits for completed courses. You have to collect at least 45 credits at the end of the game to win.

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