Travelling to Brno

Brno is the second largest city in the Czech Republic. You can reach it by plane, car, train or bus. The nearest international airports are in Prague (Czech Republic), Vienna (Austria) and Bratislava (Slovak Republic). Brno does have an international airport; however, it has few international flights. From Brno airport, you can get to the city center by charter bus which will take you to the Grand hotel (No. 10 on the map).

How to get to Brno from the Prague airport:

  • There are also good busconnections between Prague airport and Brno, which depart every hour. We recommend the Czech Airlines direct bus line or a bus of Regiojet bus. To book a place in a Czech Airlines bus, go to the information desk at the Prague airport. With Regiojet, you may have to change busses at Praha-Florenc station, but your journey will continue with the same company.
  • Another possibility is to get to the center of Prague (by taxi, airport charter buses, public transport) and take a bus from Praha-Florenc bus station (buses to Brno leave almost every half an hour) or a train (from the main railway station) to Brno. The train takes you to the main Brno railway station (No. 8 on the map). The bus takes you either to the Grand hotel (No. 10) or to the main bus station (No. 9). The journey from Prague city center to Brno takes less than 3 hours.

How to get to Brno from the Vienna airport:

  • There are several direct bus lines from Vienna airport to the center of Brno, operated for example by Regiojet, Flixbus and by Tourbus. The Regiojet and Flixbus buses will take you to the Grand hotel (No. 10 on the map), the Tourbus buses will take you to the central bus station (No. 9).
  • You can also take a charter bus to Vienna S├╝dbahnhof; in the morning and in the afternoon, there is a good train connection to the main Brno railway station (No. 8) almost every hour. The journey from Vienna airport to Brno takes about 3 hours.

How to get to Brno from the Bratislava airport:

  • Take a charter bus to the city center and travel to Brno by bus or train from the main bus/train station. There are direct lines to Brno circa every two hours. The journey from Bratislava main central station takes about two hours.

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