František Novotný

Masaryk University

Luciferianism: Past and Present Ideas, Fictitious and Factual Movements

On the scene of contemporary esotericism, antinomian Luciferianism belongs among the most controversial milieus, sometimes linked even to violent criminal acts. This paper builds on the finding, the phenomenon of a man supporting Lucifer in his war against the reign of God re-appeared multiple times throughout the European history, taking shapes of fictitious villains, romantic anti-heroes, solitaire thinkers or actual religious groups. It argues, that the sundry destiny of the Luciferian idea through time and space works as a valuable cultural indicator. Detailed mapping of its use, evaluation and social acceptance importantly contributes to the exploration of possibilities and limits of religion transgression within the western tradition. Capabilities of this attitude will be discussed on the example of alleged Luciferian heresy of the 13th century and its cultural impact.