Practical information

Registration fee

There is no fee for the conference.

Entrance cost for the conference barbecue and social event is 20 €, drinks will be included. Please let us know if you have any specific requirements. Vegetarian or vegan options will be provided.

Conference venue

Open Gardens, 33 Údolní street, Brno


Information concerning hotels including the conference discount will be provided soon.


No need to plan your meals in advance! The city center is full of restaurants. There are several restaurants close to the location of the conference. We would be glad for you to enjoy a taste of our local specialities.

Travelling in Brno

When taking a tram or bus, do not forget to buy a “15 minute ticket“ (20 CZK) or a “60 minute ticket” (25 CZK, i.e. approximately 1 EUR). You can obliterate the ticket on the tram or bus by inserting it into the yellow obliterating machine. You will find the ticket dispensers at almost every stop. Make sure you have your change, because it only accepts coins. You can also buy your ticket at most of the news-stands (called Tabak).


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