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Start of the registration1 Aug 2012
Registration deadline31 Oct 2012
Abstract submission deadline31 Oct 2012
Conference begins29 Nov 2012
Conference ends1 Dec 2012

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The workshop is over

The workshop is over. Thanks to all participants for their papers, discussions and for the friendly atmosphere!

Registration deadline extended

The registration deadline has been extended to 31 October 2012. We will be grateful if you circulate the information about the workshop and this reminder among your colleagues.

Keynote speakers announced

The workshop keynote speakers will be:
Graham Harvey (The Open University),
Zdeněk Konopásek (Charles University in Prague & The Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic),
and Steven Sutcliffe (University of Edinburgh).
See abstracts of keynote lectures.

Start of the registration

The registration for the conference has started!


“The symmetry postulate”, as David Bloor formulated it, “enjoins us to seek the same kind of causes for both true and false, rational and irrational beliefs.” Such a principle seems to conform to the common sense. At the same time it is often neglected in the field of social sciences. In the light of consequences of this principle, the academic study of religions seems to be predominantly an exercise in asymmetry: neglecting the voices of women and favouring men’s worlds; preferring the voices of experts over those of lay participants, of elites over ordinary people; siding with the winners against the losers. The postmodern and postcolonial criticism of the Western scholarly tradition have brought number of such asymmetries to our sight. Yet, the symmetrical ways are still an unexplored territory. This workshop on the symmetrical approach would like to offer a chance to explore this unexplored territory together.

We therefore invite students of religions, qualitative sociologists, anthropologists, and historians to exchange ideas and scholarly experience and examples of good practice at a workshop on the symmetrical approach in the study of religions held in Brno, Czech Republic.

See the call for papers for a more detailed overview.

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