Workshop: Introduction to Social Network Analysis

30. 10. 2020

LEVYNA a HUME Lab vás srdečně zvou na workshop, který se uskuteční v pátek 6.11., 10:00 - 12:00. Workshop proběhne prostřednictvím platformy Zoom. 

Pozvání tentokrát přijala dr. Eleanor Power ( antropoložka působící v současnosti na Department of Methodology, LSE (The London School of Economics and Political Science), UK. Zde je její Google Scholar (, zde je její Twitter (

Introduction to Social Network Analysis

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Abstrakt:  In this workshop, I will introduce the key insights and tools of social network analysis. I will first discuss how network data can be gathered (whether through surveys, observational work, or the collection of digital data), with an emphasis on the trade-offs entailed in choosing different methods (e.g., between gathering socio-centric or ego-centric networks). I will then give an overview of the most commonly used measures for describing social networks and the position of nodes within a network (e.g., network density, node centrality, community structure), and briefly mention some of the more advanced tools used for inference on networks. Throughout, I will try to show how the perspectives and tools of network analysis connect to foundational concepts and theories in the social sciences.


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